Congestive Heart Failure Program

Why Our Program is Unique

Caring for patients who have CHF requires a specially trained team of healthcare professionals. At Arcadia, we have created physician directed clinical guidelines which define best practices in CHF excellence which focus on each individual’s needs and goals.

woman smelling a rose- Hamilton, NJ- Arcadia Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
doctor with patient- Hamilton, NJ- Arcadia Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Post Acute Care Services

  • IV Diuretics
  • Fluid Management
  • Life Vest
  • Expert Care Transition to Home
  • IV Inotropics (Milrinone / Dobutamine)
  • Individualized Nutrition Plans
  • Comprehensive Patient Education

We’ve Got Heart

Arcadia Nursing & Rehabilitation Center’s Congestive Heart Program has been designed for those diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF). The program provides you with empowerment skills and self-management techniques that can be applied immediately to your daily routine. Arcadia helps you manage your CHF through medications, management of appropriate weight levels, dietary guidelines, and physical activity. Using a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates home health services, home medical equipment, expert personnel, advanced processes, innovative technology, and comprehensive patient education. Arcadia Nursing & Rehabilitation Center’s “Smart Heart” program ensures our patients with heart failure achieve superior outcomes.

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