Respite Care

Senior couple at home- Hamilton, NJ- Arcadia Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterMost caregivers are so devoted to caring for their loved one that they don’t have much time to care for themselves. It’s a natural impulse that’s as noble as it is overwhelming. A study performed by the Department of Health and Human Services rated the average caregivers’ health condition to be “fair to poor” for those caring for seniors.

To be a successful caregiver, you should allow yourself to be occasionally indulgent. Feeling guilty about taking a break will not help your loved one, but will be a sure way to alter your well being. In turn, you’ll have more energy, and be more effective in making decisions. Longer breaks are also needed to provide the kind of thorough rest that caregivers need to restore their physical and mental balance. At Arcadia, we have developed a unique respite program that provides convenient access to quality care. For breaks of several days to several weeks, planned or unexpected, emergent situations, vacations, or any opportunity to get away, you may arrange for your loved one to stay with us. Arcadia provides everything required for 24-hour care. A minimum of four days is required; and the program is available to all medically stable adults. Family members no longer have to depend solely on friends and relatives to relieve them. And the patients themselves enjoy the break from their daily routine and the chance to meet new people. With Arcadia’s respite program, both the caregiver and the one cared for return home rested and refreshed.

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