Subacute Rehabilitation Program

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Recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery can be a difficult challenge for individuals and families. Arcadia makes the process easier by providing attentive subacute rehabilitation at our facility in Hamilton Square, New Jersey. Our program is run by a board-certified physician of physical medicine who incorporates facets of therapy, nursing and a wide range of supplementary services.

What Is Subacute Rehabilitation?

Subacute rehabilitation is a phase of recovery between hospitalization and independence at home. Patients who are released from the hospital in stable condition aren’t always ready to return to a normal life, so it’s the job of our skilled nurses, doctors, therapists, dietitians and other professionals to help them regain their independence. When you’re with us, we can provide:

  • Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Wound care management
  • CVA/Stroke and IV therapy
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapies
  • Orthopedics

Once your time at our facility is complete, we’ll help you transition comfortably to your own home. We can help you arrange assistance for daily activities and recommend equipment that will make your life at home comfortable. An expert will always be available to look out for your health and safety.

The Benefits of Recovery with Arcadia

At Arcadia, we take a proactive approach to helping our patients regain their lost abilities and learn new skills. No matter which particular issues you or your loved one are dealing with, we’ll constantly monitor improvement and ensure no problem goes unchecked. We provide a continuity of care that makes the transition from hospital to rehab and then to an independent life as smooth as possible. All care is overseen by our medical director, a board-certified doctor in internal medicine and geriatrics.

Nearly all patients who come to Arcadia for recovery have their care covered completely by insurance. Eligible Medicare recipients get the first 20 days of care free of charge if they’ve had to stay in the hospital for three or more nights. Our goal is to rebuild hope, confidence and respect for those under our care. Please call Arcadia today to speak with a professional about our rehabilitation program.


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